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Our workshop is based around a commitment to tradition and skill. Many of the techniques we use have remained unchanged for thousands of years.

Although we are no strangers to science and technology, we are committed to giving our customers high-quality hand-crafted jewellery.

The key to successful hand-crafted jewellery is to work WITH the material rather than in spite of it - we don't want to be at odds with Nature!

We believe a jeweller DEVELOPS ideas through working with materials - when one sees an example of jewellery where the jeweller has worked in partnership with gold and silver, one sees true beauty.

A jewellers skill in developing the beauty of the metal comes with experience. A thorough grounding and knowledege of gemology helps us to select stones of the appropriate colour, size and quality to create the best effect for the piece. Everything we make is unique - our jewellery is designed for you and no other.

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