E.J Baldock Jewellers

The Creative Process

EJ Baldock's jewellery shop has a dedicated team serving many customers, but the jewellery workshop is run by only one person - Ed Baldock.

Ed takes pride in aiming to make EJ Baldock Jewellers totally self-sufficient when it comes to jewellery design.

He loves his work - he started in art school in 1962 and now has over 40 years experience making jewellery to precise specifications.

He explained how there are three distinct ways that customers can choose their jewellery: "The easiest, quickest and usually the cheapest way is to select pre-cast items from a catalogue and customise it for the customer."

"We can make changes to the material, the colour, the weight et cetera, and by selecting and re-arranging the diamonds and other precious stones.

"Alternatively, for a unique piece shaped to an individual one-off design. I will discuss with the customer what they have in mind and will refer to photographs in jewellery catalogues to help us find the right design for them."

Perhaps the most exciting and interesting way to a finished piece of jewellery is for Ed to design and create a piece especially for the individual. Such pieces of jewellery are indeed unique works of art, for they are designed for a particular individual and no two pieces are ever the same.

"From my point of view it is the most exciting method of creating jewellery - making something that is part of a creative theme I'm exploring," explained Ed, and he summarises his work into distinct categories:

  • Ed's own current ideas and themes
  • Historically and culturally-based means of carrying forward an idea or the borrowing of formats
  • Jewellery designed for traditional occasions - engagements, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • Taking colours, ideas, names or incorporating the customer's own cherished memories, places, flowers, musical themes, events or using symbolism to suggest a particular individual

Designs change over time. Like any artist, Ed's pieces are snapshots of an interpretation of a person or theme at a particular point in time.

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